Gift Cards

Many businesses try several marketing tactics to try and increase their sales and attract new customers to their stores. However, one method that sometimes gets overlooked is selling gift cards to customers.


If you’re ready to boost your store sales, try printing some gift cards and you’ll see how they can help your company.

Attracting New Customers

When a current customer purchases a gift card for a friend, family member, coworker, etc., they are spreading your brand name and automatically bring you a new customer.

The recipient of the gift card will eventually come into your store to be able to redeem the gift, and there is always a chance that this person may not have stepped foot into your store otherwise.

After making a purchase with their gift card, you might have a new loyal customer if they like their purchase and want to come back to buy more.


When you create gift cards for your store you will likely have them printed with your company name, logo, colors, address, etc.

The more striking the card looks, the more it will stand out to others when they see someone pulling it out of their wallet.

The better the gift card looks, the more likely someone will want to purchase one as a gift and the recipient will be even more excited to be able to use it in store.

More Sales

Gift cards are usually set at different amounts, such as $25, $50, or $100. Therefore, it encourages customers to spend more than they normally would on a gift for their friends or family.

They may walk into your store intending to purchase a gift card, but while they are there they see an item they like for themselves. Then they will end up purchasing an extra item than intended.

Using gift cards for returns

Instead of giving cash back for returns, issue store credit on a gift card. This can help to eliminate fraud when a customer attempts to make an expired return in order to get cash back.

By having store credit on a gift card, the customer will want to redeem the store credit before it expires and then they will most likely make a purchase that is greater than the amount on the gift card.


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